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NYS Workers Comp Rates

NYS Workers Comp Rates

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If you’re a small business owner, you might have experienced the frustrations of dealing with NY workers’ comp. We help businesses find NYS workers comp rates .

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New York workers compensation is complex and can be costly if you don’t know how to buy it. Let our Empire State experts help you get the coverage you need and avoid any NY state fines.


If your business qualifies you won’t have to deal with State Insurance Fund (SIF) or clueless insurance agents. Just direct answers to your NYS workers comp rates questions.
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NY Work Comp Employer Information About NYS workers comp rates:

The law requires employers operating in New York State to have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, with limited exceptions. Employers are required to obtain and keep in effect workers’ compensation coverage for all employees, even part-time employees and family members.

  • No lapse in coverage allowed when switching insurance carriers
  • Employers must post a notice of workers’ compensation coverage
  • Employer must provide access to all books, records and payrolls

Liability And Penalties For Violations What happens if I don't buy workers compensation insurance?

Section 26-a says an employer is liable for a penalty of $2,000 per 10-day period of noncompliance, plus the actual award (including both compensation and medical costs), plus any other penalties the Board assesses for noncompliance. In cases involving severely injured employees, the medical costs alone could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per injury.

Workers Comp Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions About NYS Workers Comp Rates

Does my NY business need workers comp?

The law requires almost all employers operating in New York State to have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. This requirement can be fulfilled by purchasing insurance coverage through an insurance carrier.

How much are NYS workers comp rates?

Employers are assigned a classification for what type of work they do. The basic premium is based on its class code, the carrier’s rate for the classification and the employer’s annual payroll.

Who pays for workers compensation?

The cost of the insurance must be paid entirely by the employer, no amount can be charged to employees. You can’t charge workers for benefits provided or for any portion of the workers compensation insurance NY premium.

What does New York workers compensation cover?

Coverage ensures medical, indemnity and death benefits to employees who are injured during the course of their job. Employers who so provide coverage are protected against lawsuits filed by injured workers.

Can owners can be held accountable for non-compliance?

The sole proprietor, partners or the president, secretary and treasurer of a corporation are personally liable for a business’ failure to secure workers’ compensation insurance.

Who determines if my business is not compliant?

The Workers’ Compensation Board may require an employer to furnish proof that the employer: Has a valid workers’ compensation insurance policy and is keeping proper and accurate business records.

NYS Workers Comp Rates
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